Portfolio & Assessment

Dear German Student,

During your sojourn in the German department you will participate in a few assessment activities.

1. Course surveys

At the beginning and end of each German course you take, your instructor will require you to fill out a brief online survey, which helps us assess the effectiveness of the course. This is different from the general BYU online course evaluations.

2. Best papers

At the end of most German courses you take, you will be required to upload your best paper (using the “Upload a Document” link above).

3. The Portfolio (Attention 400R students!)

All German majors must complete the portfolio as part of German 400R. Once the following items are completed, they must be uploaded here on the department website (see the “Upload a Document” link in the menu above) as a single PDF document, with your name included in the file name (e.g. JonSmithPortfolio.pdf).

The portfolio must contain the following.

The German Portfolio Core Document

This may be downloaded and filled out here. It must be completed in your last two semesters in the German program.

​List of German works studied

Literature & German Studies majors will learn about this in German 343 & 400R. Eventually, they will fill out this document and may jog their memory with this one.

Linguistics majors will fill out the German Linguistics Reading List.

Capstone Paper

Literature & German Studies majors should click here for exact guidelines.

Linguistics majors should click here.

German Teaching majors will use their teacher work sample as their capstone.

A successfully defended Honors Thesis (on any subject) will fulfill the capstone requirement.

Favorite Papers

Include two of your favorite papers (in German or English) written during your time in our program. Include the Favorite Paper Companion Page with each paper.