Placement Exams

University Placement Exam (for lower-division placement)

This exam is for all new students and transfer students with previous German experience who want to take German at BYU. To take the exam, click this link and enter the password “cougars1”. You may also take the exam in the Humanities Learning Resource Center (1141 JFSB).

Please note:

If you score very highly on this exam (i.e., well into the German 202+ range) and think that you perhaps should go directly into 300-level courses, contact the German section head. You may need to take the 300-level placement exam. This happens very rarely.

Returned missionaries from German-speaking missions should NOT take this exam, but instead sign up directly for German 330 (German Cultural History), in which they will take the 300-level placement exam.

Native speakers should consult individually with the German section head before taking any courses.

Students without any German experience may naturally skip this exam and sign up for 101.

The 300-level placement exam and “free” lower-division language credit

Students who have had significant German language-immersion experience (such as a German-speaking mission) may start their German coursework in German 330 (Deutsche Kulturgeschichte) without the prerequisite 100- and 200-level German courses. If your immersion experience comes from anything other than an LDS German-speaking mission, contact the German section head to see if you qualify to jump directly into 330.

As part of German 330 you may take the 300-level placement exam. This will enable you to get up to 16 hours of “free” language credit (German 101, 102, 201, 202), if you choose to accept the credits and their associated grades as determined by your performance on the exam. Your 330 instructor will explain the nuts and bolts to you. There is a $20 processing fee should you accept the credits. (Not quite free then, but almost.)

Students starting their German coursework directly in 330 (so skipping 100- and 200-level courses) should not take any part of the German 301-303 sequence (required for a German degree) before they take the 300-level placement exam. The exam will place you in the appropriate course in this sequence.

Finally, you should NOT take the 300-level placement exam if:

You are a native speaker of German.

You already took it once (e.g. if you took it as a diagnostic exam in 202 and are now in 330).

You have already taken or received credit for the German 301-303 sequence. (Very rare.)