German 101-102

  • Listen and understand sentence-length utterances, primarily in face-to-face conversation about familiar topics and learned material, when strongly supported by context.
  • Read and understand main ideas and some details in simple factual texts about familiar topics.
  • Speak in simple sentences to convey basic information about concrete social situations on familiar topics.
  • German 102 only: Write short stories or essays on familiar topics using coherent sentences and paragraphs.
  • Write simple sentences using basic word order and structures to express personal meaning on familiar topics.
  • Use appropriate language learning strategies to achieve both formal understanding of and communicative ability with German.
  • Understand and apply basic grammar concepts correctly when focused on accuracy.
  • Function with basic cultural awareness of cultural differences in German-speaking countries.

These course objectives contribute to objectives

Sample German 101 Syllabus

Sample German 102 Syllabus